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Structural design
It is the fundamental basis of the carton, since it depends on the functionality of the same, besides its correct use and manipulation. This requires all possible information that the customer can provide about his product, characteristics, qualities and properties, such as weight, dimensions, quantity to be packed, stowage (column or locking), maximum stacking, transportation, environmental conditions, storage (with or without product), manipulation, self-supporting content, etc., data considered of great importance for a correct development of the box and maximize its operating conditions.

Graphic design
Graphic design is the invisible seller of its products, so in Grupasa we put a lot of effort in it, using the most updated programs for this purpose, keeping in mind the image and characteristics of the product, without losing the artistic focus of design, tolerances, development and important considerations of our production capacity of 4 colors high graphics that we maintain and make available to our customers.

Sample Design
After defining the Structural Design, we proceed to elaborate a prototype box Sample already processed industrially, applying the tolerances and development of each type and relevant considerations corresponding to each one of them.