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Industrial Sector
Producers, traders and exporters of single and double wall, regular and die-cut boxes, laminated boxes, displays, POP material, Boxes in folding cardboard.

Master boxes for beverages, food, personal cleanliness, household cleaning, textiles, notebooks etc. The dimensions vary from the needs and specifications of each customer with respect to the product that will be packed in it. Its ventilation is optional according to the characteristics of the product.

Agroexport Sector
Agro exporter (banana, pineapple, mango, lemon, papaya, apple, watermelon, melons, avocado, broccoli, palmito, etc). Producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables. Single and double wall boxes, regular and die-cut, separators and pads.

Fishing Sector
Exporters of fresh or frozen fish and preserved fish. Single and double wall boxes, regular and die-cut. The dimensions vary according to the needs of our customers as there are several presentations for this product. Ventilation is optional.

Sector Shrimp
Producers and traders of shrimp and shrimp larvae. Single and double wall boxes, regular and die-cut. Dimensions vary to customer requirements. Ventilation: optional according to the characteristics of the product to be packed.

We manufacture folding boxes in different types of quality paperboard imported from the best mills in the world, we process packaging for the local market and for export elaborated in cardboard Duplex and in Polyboard which is special to pack products that require refrigeration and freezing.

Floriculture Sector
Flower exporters. Single wall boxes die-cut lid and base, micro-corrugated sheets. The dimensions can be varied depending on the customer's need. Flexo graphic printing maximum 4 colors.

It has parallel semi-removable circular perforations in each of the heads for ventilation. Resistance to compression (dynamic load) according to customer's requirements.