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  Our History

In 1970 Papelesa was founded by Econ. José Jaramillo Miranda, in the city of Guayaquil, located in an 8m2 store on Quito Avenue 1019 and Vélez, with only one worker and his first entry to the market, being the sales of paper and cardboard for the printing industry.

In the year 1974 Papelesa started manufacturing notebooks acquiring a used machine, given its scarce capital, nevertheless competed with companies like Reforma and Sonapal. In spite of all the adversities Papelesa was able to overcome them being the unique survivor of the time. As the business grew, they changed their facilities to 9 October 1310 and Quito; and later to Pedro Boloña Avenue and Domingo Comín in the South of the city with 300m2.

In 1982, Papelesa was the first Ecuadorian company to buy a machine for manufacturing double-ring notebooks, and in 1984, 20,000m2 of land was acquired at Km 11.5 Daule road, El Sauce Industrial Park, with a vision of growth.

In 1990, the Papelesa Group was formed, synonymous with technology, automation and continuous improvement. By diversifying its production to the paper and paperboard sector, the Group invested in machinery for the production of continuous forms, the purchase of machines for resins of photocopy paper and the implementation of a corrugated/micro corrugated cardboard factory for the Industrial and Agro-industrial market, both local and exports.

This corrugated cardboard company, Grupasa, would start with a little over 30 employees in a construction area of ​​10.000m2.

At the beginning of 2004, Grupasa makes history, with the purchase of a new corrugator and a four colors rotary punching machine for high graphics, which placed it at the technological forefront of Ecuador and at the level of the ten best corrugadoras in Latin America.

Later that year, this was strengthened with the implementation of SAP software, followed by ISO 9001 certification, and BASC, enabling it to position itself in the most demanding markets worldwide.

At the present, Grupasa has more than 500 employees, with an infrastructure of more than 60,000 m2 of construction, an ISO 9001 recertification, OHSAS certification, BASC award for two consecutive years in the Exporter category and processes more than 125,000 tons of paper per year providing integral packaging solutions to various market sectors such as banana, shrimp, converter, floriculture, industrial, micro-corrugated, non-traditional, fishing and auto-folding or self-supporting boxes.

Grupasa, known for its trajectory, technology and an excellent human resource, continues to invest and innovate in improvements to give its customers the peace of mind that their products arrive intact from beginning to end.