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What is MCM?
It is a continuous improvement system that is obtained through the application of modern practices and business principles, which provide global competitiveness. In other words: they improve the effectiveness of our processes, and increase the skills and knowledge of the key factor: People.

This system is based on training leaders and their teams in the skills needed to measure their performance against the world's best business practices, being able to identify and explore opportunities for continuous improvement.

What does it consist of?
Among the tools or practices that are included in the MCM program we have:

Goal Alignment
Set goals at all levels of the organization that are aligned with business goals and that are periodically verified by the work teams.

Create a pleasant, clean and organized workplace where everything is clearly visible and under control.

Leadership Development
Develop leadership skills at all levels of command to improve effectiveness in achieving established goals.

Quality Management
Construct a system capable of being free of defects, progressing from the discovery of defects, to the prevention of defects.

Autonomous maintenance
Develop the skills and knowledge of the operating teams in order to prevent the deterioration of equipment and machinery.

Security and environment
Raise employee awareness in having a focus on early prevention and mitigation of safety, health and environmental risks.

Competency Development
Provide the skills needed to improve personal and group performance by closing competence gaps and applying coaching on site.

Process Optimization
Optimize workflow and production responsiveness, simplify the process and reduce reprocessing.

Value chain
Ensure customer satisfaction by analyzing and improving value delivery by eliminating activities that do not add value.

Personal Development
Improve individual effectiveness through the formulation of a Vision, Values ​​and Goals.

This system transforms the company into a highly productive and participative work environment where the staff works with a sense of dedication and belonging, which is achieved mainly by the support and conviction of senior management to this program.

What does it mean for Grupasa?
It is the main strategy of the Group today, since it will allow it to have a high level of performance in all its lines, areas, processes and human resource. The practices that have been implemented in MCM play a fundamental role in the development of our work.